Travel Dressing Ideas for all occasions

RR Blue

India being a multi-seasonal country, at any given point needs a great wardrobe that defies the odds that when we embark on our journey – by flight, road trips, cruises and more. Comfortable and stylish travel clothes with options for Indo-western and casual wear always adds value to one’s personality and your pictures. Details such as foldable sleeves, comfortable collar styles, cuts that are comfortable and most importantly the durability of fabrics are the key components that one should think of when planning a travel wardrobe.

The clothes cannot only be practical but must also lend themselves to a situation where one arrives, and can mingle or be part of an experience that others have dressed up for whether it is afternoon or evening, Manali or Goa.

RR blue

A Man’s guide to wearing prints

With multinational brands like Zara, wearing a printed shirt has become a menace. Occasionally people find themselves in airports or malls crossing people wearing the same identical print, a moment of awkwardness and the price one has to pay for generic clothing. It is always wise to find brands that have steep price points so it narrows down the people who understand aesthetics and chances of bumping into people with the same print reduce considerably. Prints come in various forms – from typography, animal print and more and should be a way of adding a touch of individuality and excitement to your wardrobe.

Men should always try to find prints which are subdued in nature or tone on tone. Also one must be careful not to style oneself head to toe with prints but to maintain a sophistication where a print is combined with a solid for example a printed shirt paired with a pant which is in the same color of the base fabric of the print.

Find a design that matches your personality

Bespoke Bespoke

Knowing the difference between Bespoke and Ready to Wear (RTW)

RTW is an acronym for Ready to Wear, which basically stands for clothes which are produced in set sizes for clients to purchase off the rack. These are generally small capsule collections designed many times in a season to give you options for you to be able to combine many looks with your wardrobe.

Bespoke however has no season, it is also generally made to measure. By hand or on a one-off basis, created just for you and also takes some time for the clothes to arrive to your doorstep. Sometimes it also requires measurement calibration and alterations before the final delivery. The trick is to get the tailored part of your wardrobe to be bespoke and the casual and more seasonal half of the wardrobe to be cherry picked from RTW collections.

Combining the two is an art, some people get it beautifully right but there are those who also suffer the consequences of mixing the wrong aesthetics. In other words certain caution needs to be applied in combining bespoke and Ready to Wear clothes.